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    Custody and Brokerage Services

    Bancaribe Curazao Bank (Via ClearStream)

     Custody ServiceFounded in Luxembourg in 2000 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group, Clearstream is a financial services company specializing in asset management and clearing and settlement of securities transactions. Since its inception, it has become a significant player in the international financial market. It has developed a broad global presence, with operations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. As of September 2021, Clearstream managed assets worth more than 14 trillion euros, reflecting the company’s importance in the global financial market and its ability to offer efficient and reliable solutions for asset management and clearing and settlement of securities transactions.


    Pershing LLC, a financial services firm founded in 1939 and headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, was acquired by The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation in 2003 and has since operated as a subsidiary of BNY Mellon.

    Throughout its history, Pershing has been recognized for its innovation in the financial marketplace, being one of the first custodians to offer advanced technology solutions for investment advisory firms. It has also pioneered brokerage and custody solutions for the mutual fund investment industry and has developed a robust global presence, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Today, Pershing is one of the leading financial market custodians, with over $1.9 trillion in assets under custody and more than 7 million investment accounts worldwide. The company serves more than 1,400 investment advisory firms and brokers and has earned a solid reputation as a trusted and experienced partner in the industry.


    Stonex is a leading financial and technology services company, with a successful track record since its founding in 1924. Its global presence extends to more than 185 countries and has a solid base of more than 454,000 satisfied customers.

    Stonex’s expertise in asset management, risk management, and process automation is widely recognized. They have demonstrated their ability to manage large investment portfolios, providing solutions tailored to the needs of their clients.