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    MethodologyOur commitment is to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that your investments are being managed in a professional, safe, and responsible manner as we work together in the four stages of investment advisory: client profiling, investment strategy, screening and analysis, and reporting and rebalancing.

    At Bancaribe Capital, our commitment is to offer you the best and most efficient investment experience and to achieve this, we know that technological innovation is fundamental. We continuously seek ways to improve our services with advanced, innovative, and reliable technologies.

    In addition, we understand the importance of protecting the privacy of our clients’ information. For this reason, we have implemented advanced security measures in our technological platform to guarantee secure and confidential access to your information anytime and from anywhere.


    Client Profiling

    At this stage, we gather and analyze your information, financial objectives, risk tolerance, and current financial situation to understand your specific investment needs and goals.

    Investment Strategy

    After analyzing your profile, our investment advisor will develop a customized investment strategy that fits your objectives and risk tolerance, creating an Investment Proposal with a selection of assets you will invest in and their percentage in your portfolio.

    Screening and analysis

    Once we establish the investment strategy, our Wealth Management team will regularly monitor the assets in your portfolio to ensure they are aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance, performing ongoing analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

    Reporting and Rebalancing

    Finally, you will receive periodic reports that will explain in detail the performance of your portfolio. If necessary, your advisor will also recommend asset allocation adjustments that are in line with your objectives to keep risk under control in what is known as Portfolio Rebalancing.